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If your stairs have a bend, landings or changes in direction, then a curved stairlift is required.

By taking precise measurements of your stairs, we design the rail that takes up the least amount of space on the stairs.

Otolift Modul-Air Curved Stairlifts

  • Unobtrusive single tube rail – 60mm diameter, the THINNEST SINGLE RAIL STAIRLIFT ON THE MARKET
  • Positioned low on the stairs, minimising the appearance of the rail and leaving room on the stairs for other users
  • Able to negotiate steep staircases – up to 70 degrees
  • Able to negotiate narrow staircases using reverse drive technology (optional)
  • 125Kg weight capacity
  • Smooth ride & ultra quiet
  • Takes up a minimum of space, leaving room for other users
  • Powered Folding Footrest is standard on the Otolift AIR
  • Optional powered seat swivel
  • Battery operated, so the stairlift can still be operated during a power outage
  • Safety features that stop the stair lift automatically if it encounters any obstacles
More Information and Specifications

If your stairs have a bend, landings or changes in direction, then a curved stairlift is required. This could be anything from a 90 degree bend halfway up the staircase, a flat landing between 2 flights of stairs or a tight spiral staircase that has a continuous bend all the way up. Whatever your stair configuration and or no matter what width the stairs are, Lift Me has a stairlift to meet your needs.

Due to the individual nature of curved staircases our stairlifts are custom made for each home. By taking precise measurements of your stairs, we design the rail that takes up the least amount of space on the stairs.

Otolift Curved Stairlifts
Otolift Curved stairlifts have been designed to be versatile and capable of fitting snugly and unobtrusively to any staircase.

Otolift are a stairlift manufacturer based in the Netherlands. They are a family company that has been owned & ran by 3 generations of the same family since the original company was founded in 1891. Otolift are synonymous with offering innovative designs that have become benchmarks of visual design, reliability and quality in the stairlift industry.

The Otolift AIR stairlift has the smallest diameter rail tube of any other single rail stairlift on the market. It is specially designed for narrow and steep stairs but can be used on any stair configuration. It is available with an extensive range of additional options to ensure you get a lift tailored to your personal needs.

Safety and Security

Fold up seat, armrests and footrests – makes the stairs available for others when the stairlift is not being used

Power folding footrest is standard on all Otolift stairlifts – no bending down to lift or lower the footrest

Safety Edges – pressure sensitive edges that automatically stop the lift if they sense an obstruction

Seat Belts on all lifts

Lockable to prevent unauthorised use of the lift by visitors and children

Otolift stairlifts are powered by direct current (DC) from rechargeable batteries. The mains power is stepped down with a transformer, so there is no mains power to your stairlift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the starlift connect to the wall?
No, nothing is connected to the wall. The rail is connected to the stairs by brackets, which are screwed into the stairs

What do the stairs have to be made off?
A stairlift can be installed on stairs made of timber, concrete or steel. It does not matter if the stairs are “bare” or covered in carpet, tiles, marble or most other finishes

What is the weight capacity of the stairlifts?
Stairlifts have a capacity of between 120kg up to 180kg, depending on the brand and model. We will recommend the best stairlift to suit your needs

How do I operate the stairlift?
There is a toggle lever on the armrest. This is pushed gently in an up direction to move the lift up the stairs, or pushed downwards to move the lift down the stairs.

Can I move the stairlift while not sitting on it?
Yes, the lift comes with 2 remote controls, so that you can send or call the lift up or down the stairs. This is particularly useful if there are 2 people in the same home that need to use the lift

What happens if the power goes out?
The lifts run on batteries, which are continuously charged by a 240v power connection. If the power goes out to the house, the lifts can still be used for a number of trips. Once the power comes back on, the batteries will recharge automatically

Does the stairlift need a power point?
The stairlifts run on batteries that are continuously charged from a standard 240v power point. There needs to be a power point in close proximity to the stairs that we will use to power the lift. We will assess this when we come to measure the stairs. If a suitable power point is not available we can organise to get one installed by a licensed electrician or you can organise this yourself.

How long do the batteries last?
Typically the batteries will last around 5 years before needing to be replaced. The batteries are available at local electrical retailers and the cost of replacing the batteries is less than $100

Are the stairlifts easy to use?
Yes. Although the mechanics of a lift may seem complicated, using them is simple. We have installed lifts for people of all ages and abilities, and everyone has been able to use the lift. We will instruct you in how to use the lift and let you have test runs until you feel comfortable. You can call “Lift Me” at any time if you have questions about your stairlift – we are here to help.

Does the stairlift go fast?
No. Stairlifts are not designed to be “joy rides” for thrill seekers, they are designed to get you up and down the stairs safely, in most cases far quicker than it would take you to walk the stairs.

Are stairlifts safe?
The stairlifts come with a range of features that make them extremely safe to use, and for others in the house. Features include seatbelts, safety edges that stop the lift in the event of an obstruction and swivel seat safety circuits. The also have batteries that allow the lift to continue running if the power goes out.

Does the stairlift take up much room on the stairs?
We will advise the best stairlift for your stairs that will take up the least amount of room. The seat, armrests and footrest all fold up when not in use, minimising the space they occupy, allowing others to use the stairs.

Does the stairlift need servicing?
We recommend the stairlift is serviced every 12 months. We will contact you to remind you that your lift is due for a service.

How do I stop children playing with the stairlift?
Our stairlifts come with a key that turns off the lift, so that it will not operate for inquisitive youngsters

What happens if something goes wrong with my stairlift?
Our stairlifts come with a parts & labour warranty. We also offer regular servicing of the lifts. If at any time you have a question about your lift, or a problem with the lift, give us a call and we will help you out.

Brochure Downloads

Download the Otolift Air Brochure

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